Farnborough 20km Loop 5th July 2017

On my lonesome

I’ve had a rough couple of days with work and neck/back/hands really not functioning well and so we didn’t get out Tuesday am.

However, I had a bit of time free tonight (basically had to get out as wanting to murder someone having been sat behind my desk yet again killing myself sorting out the shit left by retarded ex-employees yet again) to pop out by myself though as Craig was at college and thought I could test the new phone mount – a whole £6 from Amazon – for my rather large Samsung Note 3. I thought it would be good to be able to use GhostRacer or similar to have a target to pace against.

I had imported a .gpx file from GeoTracker into GhostRacer so hopefully that would be useful.

The case clipped onto the handlebars really well using only one of the rubber spacers and it feels pretty secure. It claims to be rainproof – bonus hopefully – and the touch screen still works really well through the clear cover. I left both padding bits of foam in to support the phone and all seemed good to go.

I set GeoTracker and Ghost Racer going and immediately realised the 5 second auto-display off was not ideal. Trying to enter the PIN code to see where I was compared to the previous track was a bit poo but I managed to check it at various points. I’ve changed the settings now so hopefully that will not be the case next time.

I was feeling pretty shit in my neck/back/hands but just kept pushing and was quickly up on the previous time and continued to gain the whole way round. The Geotracker moving time was 51.42, so a bit disappointed not to get under 50 but a few more rides and doing it when feeling better and that should come quite soon. I also need to get back shifting some weights to get some trength back as very little power being put through those pedals.

Anyway, a huge improvement so all heading in the right direction to get down to 45 minutes for that track.

Using www.mygpsfiles.com I could see I averaged 23kmh compared to 19kmh previously. I need to average just under 27kmh to hit my target of 45 minutes.

Total distance: 20046 m

Farnborough 20km Loop 29th June 2017

Oh dear

I actually managed to get an hours sleep and shambled downstairs totally not ready for action and Craig wandered down looking the worse for wear. This did not bode well…

It was pretty chilly and we struggled off and felt totally shite, no speed, no power. Nowt. Pottered over to Tweseldown and were over 2 minutes down but it seems we picked up some pace, rolling along and not getting caught at a single set of lights.

Started to feel some strength coming in and powered through the roundabouts, scything through the traffic and feeling pretty good.

We managed to keep a decent pace, pushng up hospital hill and sped back through to home in a new quickest time. I wonder if something went wrong with the GPS honestly as it just didin’t seem quick but the new time to beat is 59.05.

Phone holder arrived later in the afternoon so I can kee the phone safe on the handlebars and keep an eye on Ghostracer to keep a virtual rider from the best GPS trace to have something to pace against. Let’s see how it goes.

Total distance: 19347 m

Farnborough 20km Loop 27th June 2017

Environmental Disaster:The demise of the lesser spotted tosspot

Well after reporting last week that there had been a population explosion locally, it appears that the lesser spotted tosspot numbers have declined rapidly with no sightings this week.

A cause for concern?

Or blessed relief?

So, a wholly uneventful trip today, we simply kept pushing and got round in a minute less moving time than the previous week coming in at 1hr 0 Mins 36 seconds so some improvement. Hooray.

I’m now going to use this as the baseline on which to track progress in the GhostRacer app on my phone which I can attach to the handlebars and see where I am in comparison to the baseline run, giving us a great target to aim at each week.

Baselines can be set up for various different routes so we can hopfeully start to push ouselves harder.

Total distance: 20326 m

Aldershot Farnborough 20km Circle

6:30am start after this super warm weather lately to keep things cool and hopefully less traffic.

Bell End Report 22nd June 2017

Although we avoided BMW bell end from last week at the first roundabout, I am glad to report to the avid Springwatch followers that the Greater Bellended Numbnut is thriving and growing in numbers in north Hampshire.

We managed about 10km before first of numerous half witted specimens went past us, signifying their presence to us with that subtle almost haunting sound of the Lesser Spotted Tosspot and his horn while exhibiting his mating display of shaking his head as he goes past in his rather sad and underpowered MGF convertible.

They certainly know how to put on a display for the ladies.

And damn us for using slightly more than a foot of road space!

Perhaps some mandatory reading of the highway code might be useful for some of the more intellectually challenged drivers out there:
Highway Code

Yes you can cycle two abreast, even though we weren’t… My golly gosh, were we being considerate of other road users whilst still trying to avoid all the shit and lumpy manhole covers in the edge of the road? Don’t forget the broken branches sticking out at eye height from the badly maintained hedges.

Perhaps we were. Well that will teach us.

Anyway, we extended the route slightly from last week to just over 20km which took 1hr 1min and seemed much better than the previous weeks 15km although we ended up with basically the same average moving speed.

A few more weeks and we will hopefully see the times starting to fall off for this track and then we’ll look for something similar distance over Tongham/Seale perhaps to give some variety.

So the target remains 20km in 45 minutes – this Farnborough circle is a nice easy course with no hills so it should be perfectly achievable over the coming summer weeks.

The air was quite heavy with moisture but no thunderstorm and it was really pretty well perfact conditions.

Total distance: 20710 m

Cycling Aldershot 15th June 2017

Time to get fit?

Or at least less fat. Got a couple of hours sleep for a change and we had agreed to try and get out this morning as evenings have been way too busy with work lately.

Craig staggered out of bed, we made last minute adjustments and got out.

Up the High Street through Aldershot and out towards Tweseledown, round and back was the plan.

We almost came unstuck at the firs roundabout with a BMW twat nudging out on Craig but stopping then waiting until I got closer before actually pullnig out on me. Just avoided his boot. Dick of the day at 7:10am. Well done sir.

Anyway, all easy nice bit of sahade through the trees as already getting very warm.

Scooted back round the lanes through the army land and back down the high street. 15km in 45 minutes, we need to be aiming for 20km in 45 minutes as our first target.

We will post progress here – it will be hit and miss as we are both hopelessly busy wth work, but got to make the most of the good weather.

Looks like my initial sprint wasn’t bad at 75km/hr…..

Total distance: 14964 m

Les Alges and Captain Crappy Cycling New Forest 2017-06-11

The Mighty Captain Crappy

appeared again for his usual loafing around waiting for a plane that needs someone of low skill and aggressive instincts to get some passengers from A to B. Crappy prefers C so doesn’t often get chosen for many trips as far as we can see….

Just a little scoot from Tiptoe, round to Brockenhurst, Sway and Bashley then back home. 23km in 1hr 9 minutes so very slow. in mitigation it was pretty effing windy (all the way round).

And crappy is crap currently. as am I. So Lesley was left twiddling her thumbs overtaking other people then waiting for us to catch up pathetically.

Things can only get better. Dear god, pray it is so, as if they get any worse we really are f*cked.

Total distance: 23057 m