Videos – Vantage 475T: Nemesis – Small Trimaran

On this page we will add our videos as the Vantage 475T project takes shape and develops.

All videos are taken using a GoPro Hero Silver. We use a Samsung Note 3 Android phone in a waterproof case to capture GPS of our sailing using the GeoTracker app.

I have just discovered that we can export the GPS data from her into Dashware free telemetry software which can then overlay the GPS data showing speed, acceleration, map your track etc and then sync it into one video.

Hopefully we will get some decent weather and tide and be able to try this and get some useful data for Nemesis and also use it for Puff, our highly modified CLC Sport Tandem trimaran conversion.

This video shows the very first test of Nemesis at Mudeford Harbour on the second of January 2017. A ditheringly cold day – we had scrape the ice off the car to get there and then break the ice off the boat in the dinghy park. Perhaps not the best plan?

Anyway, we got the boat out and attached the float which we had moved 50cm back as I wasn’t sure about having so much of the float in front of the front crossbeam – the balance was too far forward, resulting in the nose dropping and lifting the back.

The frame is currently just rivertted in place while I get dimensions sorted, but once I weld the frame properly, the plan is to have the outer part of the trampoline frame project at least 50cm beyond the front crossbeam so the pressure will act through it further along the float. For now we will leave it as is.