Other Projects: Wooden Garden Animals

We don’t use the front door to our house and although it is realy obvious, I thought I would put someething across it to further discourage people.

I came up with the idea of the outline of an animal cut out of solid wood and mounted on a plinth.

Lesley likes pigs so the first one is a wild boar. I got a large piece of pine about 5cm thick and drew up the shape on paper, then scanned it and printed it out to full size.

The remaining piece of wood is being used as the base and it will be held together with stainless steel bolts from underneath. It will be sealed with epoxy then sanded and varnished with a 2 pack marine varnish so it should not need any special care for a long time.

[responsive]Piggy unvarnished and not sanded[/responsive]
This is the basic outline roughly cut out before sanding, epoxying and varnishing.

[responsive]Piggy base underside eopxy not sanded or varnished.[/responsive]
This is the underside of the base with one coat of epoxy used on the boats, before sanding and varnishing.

[responsive]Piggy base top epoxy not sanded or varnished.[/responsive]
This shows the top side of the base with the natural wood shape. Nothing dnoe to it, completely natural underneath the epoxy as it give a really good contrast of colours.

I will get on with sanding piggy down and eopxying him so we can start to see it more clearly how it will finally look. The grain in the wood has come out beautifully already.

I will be looking at doing a range of these using different animals and sizes as people have already asked me if I can make more of them.