2017-07-02 Madam your chariot awaits

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Testing new electric boat mover

Having just had a fantastic sail out in the solent in a lovely, strong breeze we came back in quite knackered and glad to have the boat mover ready to go.

Yes of course, another adapted electric scooter, slightly more powerful than the last but more importantly it has wider, gripper tyres to help get some grip on the slippery ramp.

The ramp was very busy coming back in with 2 half witted speedboat boat bods taking up all the space and taking an age to attach the boats with a single piece of strapping – what could possibly take so long?

Nigel from LTSC had just helped a couple of members get out on their new fireball dinghy that we saw going out as we came in and he rather kindly brought over our dolly while we stood around like lemons waiting for the divots to finally move.

I brought the scooter down the ramp, Lesley got Nemesis onto the dolly, we hitched it up to the scooter and pressed go!

We crawled away, with only barely enough power to pull it from a standing start on the steep slope but I stepped off and then walked up the ramp with it and we sped up nicely while Nigel took a picture sniggering away. As soon as we reached the summit I hopped back on and we were away. Within moments we were flying along (6mph…) and I was back at the park within no time while Lesley wandered along behind.

Once she caught up we took some quick video which gives a good idea of the new camera mounting and shows us scooting along quite merrily.

We put the boat away and both jumped on the chariot back to the car and I couldn’t resist a little stunt riding – “checking out the balance of the beast” as I claimed to Lesley. Valuable scientific data for those interested in tipping point data of electric vehicles I should imagine.

The standing around in the water at the ramp had left Lesley dithering from the cold even though the sun was out and scorching and you can see the comedy shake in the video as I wheelied along.

A couple of kids wandering through the car park were pissing themselves laughing as I wheelied past them only mildly out of control…

Anyway, I will hopefully get some decent video up of the sailing as well as the new camera mounting and the remote control worked really well.

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