Captains Log GiGiGoGo

GiGiGoGo 3 2020-05-24 Lymington Sailing Chop

Start Mileage 156 – End Mileage 169 – Trip 13 miles

A lovely day although the wind looks a bit dodgy – gusty and shifty.

Spent a couple of hours starting to lash up an extra dolly cradle for Pork Chop from a left over old section of square ally box section.

Getting him out last time was a bit tricky and the thought was an extra set of wheel so he is properly stable and add a pulling rope and we should be able to concentrate on pulling / pushing him with less wasted effort controlling up and down. The ramp is quite long and steep especially at low tide and when coming back in quite knackered it’s not ideal having to then battle our way back up!

My thinking – whack a dinghy trolley jockey wheel in the middle and stick a couple of little fixed wheel for some lateral support and see if it will work. The length of section I had left over was 220 cm so barely long enough but hopefully it will do the job. I quickly rivetted some chopping board on the top and bolted the jockey wheel (rusted solid unfortunately) in place to try it.

Got to Lymington and more people around but still not a lot!

Quick prep ready to go out and the wind was all over the place – S/SW round to N/NE. After several false starts when the wind shifted horribly we managed to push him out and and go straight out into the river instead of our usual paddling out backwards then downwind down the river.
Felt like a nice blow and we were just getting out of the river when it died then came back 90 degrees off. Had a few blasts up and down the end of the river then it changed again so we went out towards the starting platform in the main channel – lovely, nice blow. tacked round to blast back up and doing our normal 16-17 knots we suddenly just stopped dead – I thought we had somehow snagged a lobster pot and swung round 90 degrees. The wind had shifted 180 degrees with equal strength.

As we had arrived late we had missed going out before high tide so having not really enjoyed the shifty wind so much, we thought we would head back in as the tide was going out pretty quickly.

Dear god. Stop, start, tack every 30 seconds max, stop, start.


Anyway we got back t the ramp and heading in quite nicely and carefully when the wind shifted and took us straight back out! Spun him around and headed back with the wind behind us, got the port rudder and daggerboard up and swung across the ramp whereupon Lesley hopped out and caught us happy days!

Heading back in like that sometimes is a bit rough if it gusts as we barrel in quite quickly as we really can’t de-power…

Using the single dolly but with Lesley pulling the rope attached to that made the trip a lot easier.

We then tested the new dolly contraption for fit across Chop – hmm not quite. If I lift the main support pads about an inch it might just work but may need to add a little width extension on somehow. However, the basic plan will work! We can attach the new dolly to the long handle from the main dolly almost perfectly by the look of it so a bit more bodging then hopefully we can get it functional.

We need to make this as easy as we can for sure.

Back to G4 for a hot shower again – bloody marvellous!

Another great little trip out getting used to her.

Get home to find we hadn’t started the Velocitek Speed Puck and I’d knocked the head camera so we had 1 second of video. Also forgot the GPS watch so clearly the Plank Award for Divotness beyond the call of duty is firmly mine. Probably for perpetuity….


GiGiGoGo 4 – 2020-05-25 Mudeford Kayaking

Start Mileage 169 – End Mileage 187

What a beautiful day, got up got ready and loaded up some food in GiGi and headed off down to Mudeford about 9:45.

We put the fridge / freezer for the first time on the electric plug in on the drive for half an hour to see how good it is.

As we entered it looked like quite a few people were already there but luckily found a great spot by the dinghy park with loads of room and easy access in and out.

We got the inflatable kayaks out and realised that the electric inflater doesn’t quite fit the Boston valves but it saved quite a bit of work anyway. Need to put some electrical tape around it and it should be good to go.

Had a wonderful hour and a half paddling over to the beach huts then along to the Hengistbury Head Outdoor Centre – there must have been hundreds of swans – lockdown is clearly working out well for them!

Loads of motor boat traffic going in and out up the channel – most wearing no safety equipment and clearly speeding….

Over on the other side we saw a herd of mares and their new foals by the waters edge.



We pootled back round along the houses and saw some dogs being taken out for paddle boarding – awesome!

Got back to the van and had a fantastic lunch on the shore – we need to get a new table and our new chairs should arrive shortly which will be good. The Brunner Axia table is completely out of stock everywhere though so no idea when that will turn up.

Bit of a read by the beach and job done – what a lovely day!

Before heading off we checked the fridge and freezer – wow. Icicles! Totally amazing running on gas. Bodes well for when we can get out on some longer trips and we’ll be able to take some frozen food with us no problem.

We got back home and one of the storage  boxes had moved meaning we couldn’t open the offside garage door – luckily we have easy access from inside GiGi and from other side meant we could clear it quite easily but must get something to stop it moving into the wrong place. Moving the kayak bag there will be the best bet as it is quite heavy to drag out anyway.

Once again, a cracking trip in 4G – we could not have made a better choice of van!