GiGiGoGo 6 – 2020-06-20. Wanderings

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Start Mileage 240 – End Mileage 479

Getting closer to going away properly early July if the Government relaxes the covid rules as expected (hoped for at least).

Loaded up and wandered up to Aldershot to call past work briefly.

We’ve got the fuel pecker card through the caravan club so as we need to fill up used the PetrolPrices app to find a nearby Esso or Shell.

Happy days, one just down the road – slightly different to use it as the card is swiped not PIN protected it seems and then you sign. I signed it without being checked – has Lesley’s signature on the card anyway.

Turns out the receipt also doesn’t show the actual price paid – we’ll see when the cost gets taken from the bank in a few days.

Brimmed the tank and mileage shows as 240 and the trip computer is saying around 24 mpg – this has slowly gone up from  22 mpg when we got her so the engine is loosening up a little I expect.

We’ll brim it again after a while and see what we are really getting. I’m also not sure of the tank size – I think they might be the smaller 60 litres option in the motorhome conversions to help keep the weight down? Usually 90 litres I think? We will find out.

52.54 litres – normall price around 111p/litre, so we should save 4p a litre I think so a couple of pounds off hopefully.

Lovey trip to see friends based outside High Wycombe, it really is easy to drive.

Had a few too many beers to drive back so for safety stayed there before heading off to Woodstock to meet with sister in law and husband for a walk and catch up.

The bed is amazing – incredibly comfortable. It has sprung slats with a memory foam mattress and is honestly as good as any bed you would have at home. This is coming from someone with long term neck and back problems – seriously a fantastic bed.

The whole leaving it made up and dropping it from the roof is simply a joy. Press 2 buttons and there it is.

Hammered down with rain overnight so noisy but with the blinds keeping the light out very well, a super nights sleep. Beer might have helped…

Away trips are going to be a breeze.

Lovely walk around the edge of Blenheim Palace using the AllTrails app – this is proving really handy and will get a lot of use I am sure.

We came across a field with a number of massive teasal plants in them – around 6ft or 1.8m tall!

teasel - dispacus fullonum

Managed to avoid the rain showers and had some tea and cake an tested the new chairs again – Kampa Skipper reclining chairs with detachable foot stools are the business.

As soon as we headed back and it hammered down intermittently but still, driving is easy and it was clear by the time we got back…

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