GiGiGoGo 7 – Weighbridge

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Start Mileage 479 – End Mileage 494

As we are heading off to Devon and Cornwall once lock down opens up a bit in July, I thought I should check out where we are on the weight front. I’m sure we are well inside but as later on we will be thinking about towing one of our little boats, need to get an idea if we need to up-rate the rear suspension or not.

GiGi was loaded up with a lot of the cooking / chairs / tables / BBQ / sailing gear and various general gubbins

John at Veolia Lymington public weighbridge was super helpful, although he couldn’t understand why they only take cheques for payment either!

Results came in as follows:

3200kg overall

1500kg front – max allowed (I think) is 1850kg

1700kg rear – max allowed (I think) is 2000kg

20kg margin of error on the weighbridge apparently

So what are the main factors to take into account?

  • Full fresh water and no waste water – ok
  • 2/3rds diesel – perhaps add 30kg?
  • No Lesley – add 56kg (rounded up to 60kg) – up front
  • Have pizza oven to add at rear??
  • Food and drink in middle/rear?? 30kg?? a lot of beer, wine and gin…
  • More clothes and other tat 10kg?
  • Possible removable awning – this could be 30-45kg at rear depending on what we get exactly
  • Security stuff and solar panel from VanBitz – picking it up when we head of to Devon 4th July? 30kg?
  • Tow bar – possibly 40kg??
  • 2 x computer gear and ebooks etc 10kg?

All of that comes to approx 1895 on the rear leaving 105kg or so for the nose weight of the boat – it won’t be anywhere near that!

I’m building the boat myself and the trailer as well so I can balance it as perfectly as we need and just have say 25kg of nose weight to help keep it down. Perhaps we won’t need the suspension upgrade?

However as the weight of a lot of the additional kit is a reasonable distance behind the rear wheel, the leverage effect might mean we are closer than we think to the 2000kg rear limit.

We will check it properly again once we have the van fully kitted out as we head off on a bigger trip another time – it is going to be pretty close for towing!

We of course might shed some unwarranted weight once we are settled down though and properly know what we need to take with us – also if towing the boat, we can always put the sailing gear in the trailer taking weight off the rear axle.

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