Captains Log GiGiGoGo

GiGiGoGo 3 2020-05-24 Lymington Sailing Chop

Start Mileage 156 – End Mileage 169 – Trip 13 miles

A lovely day although the wind looks a bit dodgy – gusty and shifty.

Spent a couple of hours starting to lash up an extra dolly cradle for Pork Chop from a left over old section of square ally box section.

Getting him out last time was a bit tricky and the thought was an extra set of wheel so he is properly stable and add a pulling rope and we should be able to concentrate on pulling / pushing him with less wasted effort controlling up and down. The ramp is quite long and steep especially at low tide and when coming back in quite knackered it’s not ideal having to then battle our way back up!

My thinking – whack a dinghy trolley jockey wheel in the middle and stick a couple of little fixed wheel for some lateral support and see if it will work. The length of section I had left over was 220 cm so barely long enough but hopefully it will do the job. I quickly rivetted some chopping board on the top and bolted the jockey wheel (rusted solid unfortunately) in place to try it.

Got to Lymington and more people around but still not a lot!

Quick prep ready to go out and the wind was all over the place – S/SW round to N/NE. After several false starts when the wind shifted horribly we managed to push him out and and go straight out into the river instead of our usual paddling out backwards then downwind down the river.
Felt like a nice blow and we were just getting out of the river when it died then came back 90 degrees off. Had a few blasts up and down the end of the river then it changed again so we went out towards the starting platform in the main channel – lovely, nice blow. tacked round to blast back up and doing our normal 16-17 knots we suddenly just stopped dead – I thought we had somehow snagged a lobster pot and swung round 90 degrees. The wind had shifted 180 degrees with equal strength.

As we had arrived late we had missed going out before high tide so having not really enjoyed the shifty wind so much, we thought we would head back in as the tide was going out pretty quickly.

Dear god. Stop, start, tack every 30 seconds max, stop, start.


Anyway we got back t the ramp and heading in quite nicely and carefully when the wind shifted and took us straight back out! Spun him around and headed back with the wind behind us, got the port rudder and daggerboard up and swung across the ramp whereupon Lesley hopped out and caught us happy days!

Heading back in like that sometimes is a bit rough if it gusts as we barrel in quite quickly as we really can’t de-power…

Using the single dolly but with Lesley pulling the rope attached to that made the trip a lot easier.

We then tested the new dolly contraption for fit across Chop – hmm not quite. If I lift the main support pads about an inch it might just work but may need to add a little width extension on somehow. However, the basic plan will work! We can attach the new dolly to the long handle from the main dolly almost perfectly by the look of it so a bit more bodging then hopefully we can get it functional.

We need to make this as easy as we can for sure.

Back to G4 for a hot shower again – bloody marvellous!

Another great little trip out getting used to her.

Get home to find we hadn’t started the Velocitek Speed Puck and I’d knocked the head camera so we had 1 second of video. Also forgot the GPS watch so clearly the Plank Award for Divotness beyond the call of duty is firmly mine. Probably for perpetuity….

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2019-06-14 Lymington: Captain Crappy strikes again!

After several months of careful planning (we emailed each twice about it), we managed to meet up in Lymington to try and get back out on Pork Chop as last time round the Captain had unfortunately broken him by concentrating his vast bulk through the small are of his knee which resulted in the sort of concentrated force previously only wielded by The Avengers being focused on trampoline which of course immediately gave up against the relentless assault.

After only approx 8 hours of hand stitching, the trampoline looked utterly rubbish but appeared strong enough to cope. It had after all dealt fine with me and Lesley on a few fairly hard trips so here’s hoping our needlecraft is up to dealign with The Crap.

What was meant to have been a lovely day with moderate wind was now not looking so great. The wind was well over 20 knots gusting 25 in the morning but we went down to the dinghy park anyway and did some practice drills as the Captain had not been out on Pork Chop before. The tramp took everything he could give it – well gently pressing into it resulted in some creaks and groans but it was holding together. Those might have been my bones and muscles of course.

The extra couple of pounds Captain had managed to stack on since the previous attempt were apparently all “in a quest to give us the biggest righting moment possible as part of the overall safety process” and were nothing to do with him  being a hopeless greedy bastard who can’t control his eating. He can of course control his exercising very well, showing some evidence of a steely (not lardy) inner core.

But alas no.

Fitness down, weight up. Fiasco beckoning.

It would be interesting to see the difference in handling (or indeed if we would just sink) as he is about 50kg+ heavier than my usual more familiar and erstwhile crew Lesley.

So, clipping on the harness a few times, rolling across the trampoline like a deranged and floundering Starsky (or Hutch – I forget which) we appeared to have covered all potential issues and our over confidence hit new highs.

The wind then appeared to lessen a little as we finished our “safety briefing” over a pint in the bar so we went and collected our gear and headed down to the ramp as soon as we could.

Lymington 2019-06-14 Weatherfile

It appeared to be quite a gentle breeze sheltered at the bottom of the ramp and we had our usual farce of reversing out into the river as we don’t have enough space to turn when the wind is coming down the ramp.

We both need to be close to the front beam to keep the stern out of the water while the wind blows us gently out and we paddle to keep us straight.

Anyway, let the video run and see what hopeless clods we were.

A rip-roaring success by anyone’s standards.

Well ours at least!

You can see here our GPS record from our SpeedPuck which is fantastic piece of kit:

5 bests’ average = 30.31km/h [16.37Knots]

Best Speed n°1 = 30.53km/h [16.49Knots] (8.5 meters in 1.0 sec.)
Best Speed n°2 = 30.43km/h [16.43Knots] (8.5 meters in 1.0 sec.)
Best Speed n°3 = 30.4km/h [16.42Knots] (8.4 meters in 1.0 sec.)
Best Speed n°4 = 30.13km/h [16.27Knots] (8.4 meters in 1.0 sec.)
Best Speed n°5 = 30.05km/h [16.23Knots] (8.3 meters in 1.0 sec.)
Best Speed n°6 = 29.91km/h [16.15Knots] (8.3 meters in 1.0 sec.)
Best Speed n°7 = 29.91km/h [16.15Knots] (8.3 meters in 1.0 sec.)
Best Speed n°8 = 29.9km/h [16.14Knots] (8.3 meters in 1.0 sec.)
Best Speed n°9 = 29.85km/h [16.12Knots] (8.3 meters in 1.0 sec.)
Best Speed n°10 = 29.81km/h [16.1Knots] (8.3 meters in 1.0 sec.)

5 best 50 meter (at least) average = 29.41km/h [15.88Knots]

50 meter run n°1 = 30.13km/h [16.27Knots] (50.2 m. in 6.0 s.)
50 meter run n°2 = 29.24km/h [15.79Knots] (56.9 m. in 7.0 s.)
50 meter run n°3 = 29.24km/h [15.79Knots] (56.9 m. in 7.0 s.)
50 meter run n°4 = 29.24km/h [15.79Knots] (56.9 m. in 7.0 s.)
50 meter run n°5 = 29.22km/h [15.78Knots] (56.8 m. in 7.0 s.)

5 best 100 meter (at least) average = 28.68km/h [15.49Knots]

100 meter run n°1 = 29.65km/h [16.01Knots] (107.1 m. in 13.0 s.)
100 meter run n°2 = 29.25km/h [15.8Knots] (105.6 m. in 13.0 s.)
100 meter run n°3 = 28.63km/h [15.46Knots] (103.4 m. in 13.0 s.)
100 meter run n°4 = 28.07km/h [15.16Knots] (101.4 m. in 13.0 s.)
100 meter run n°5 = 27.8km/h [15.01Knots] (100.4 m. in 13.0 s.)

5 best 200 meter (at least) average = 27.96km/h [15.1Knots]

200 meter run n°1 = 28.89km/h [15.6Knots] (200.6 m. in 25.0 s.)
200 meter run n°2 = 28.3km/h [15.28Knots] (204.4 m. in 26.0 s.)
200 meter run n°3 = 28.05km/h [15.14Knots] (202.6 m. in 26.0 s.)
200 meter run n°4 = 27.48km/h [14.84Knots] (206.1 m. in 27.0 s.)
200 meter run n°5 = 27.09km/h [14.63Knots] (203.2 m. in 27.0 s.)

5 best 250 meter (at least) average = 27.5km/h [14.85Knots]

250 meter run n°1 = 28.59km/h [15.44Knots] (254.2 m. in 32.0 s.)
250 meter run n°2 = 27.77km/h [14.99Knots] (254.6 m. in 33.0 s.)
250 meter run n°3 = 27.37km/h [14.78Knots] (250.9 m. in 33.0 s.)
250 meter run n°4 = 26.98km/h [14.57Knots] (254.8 m. in 34.0 s.)
250 meter run n°5 = 26.79km/h [14.47Knots] (253.0 m. in 34.0 s.)

5 best 500 meter (at least) average = 23.75km/h [12.83Knots]

500 meter run n°1 = 27.31km/h [14.75Knots] (500.7 m. in 66.0 s.)
500 meter run n°2 = 23.15km/h [12.5Knots] (501.7 m. in 78.0 s.)
500 meter run n°3 = 23.05km/h [12.45Knots] (505.8 m. in 79.0 s.)
500 meter run n°4 = 22.71km/h [12.26Knots] (504.6 m. in 80.0 s.)
500 meter run n°5 = 22.54km/h [12.17Knots] (501.0 m. in 80.0 s.)

5 best 1000 meter (at least) average = 22.65km/h [12.23Knots]

1000 meter run n°1 = 26.4km/h [14.25Knots] (1,004.6 m. in 137.0 s.)
1000 meter run n°2 = 22.55km/h [12.18Knots] (1,002.4 m. in 160.0 s.)
1000 meter run n°3 = 21.7km/h [11.72Knots] (1,006.6 m. in 167.0 s.)
1000 meter run n°4 = 21.63km/h [11.68Knots] (1,003.3 m. in 167.0 s.)
1000 meter run n°5 = 20.99km/h [11.33Knots] (1,002.7 m. in 172.0 s.)

5 best 2 second (at least) average = 30.01km/h [16.21Knots]

2 second run n°1 = 30.29km/h [16.36Knots] (16.8 m. in 2.0 s.)
2 second run n°2 = 30.16km/h [16.28Knots] (16.8 m. in 2.0 s.)
2 second run n°3 = 29.93km/h [16.16Knots] (16.6 m. in 2.0 s.)
2 second run n°4 = 29.85km/h [16.12Knots] (16.6 m. in 2.0 s.)
2 second run n°5 = 29.83km/h [16.11Knots] (16.6 m. in 2.0 s.)

5 best 5 second (at least) average = 29.58km/h [15.97Knots]

5 second run n°1 = 30.17km/h [16.29Knots] (41.9 m. in 5.0 s.)
5 second run n°2 = 29.54km/h [15.95Knots] (41.0 m. in 5.0 s.)
5 second run n°3 = 29.47km/h [15.91Knots] (40.9 m. in 5.0 s.)
5 second run n°4 = 29.43km/h [15.89Knots] (40.9 m. in 5.0 s.)
5 second run n°5 = 29.28km/h [15.81Knots] (40.7 m. in 5.0 s.)

5 best 10 second (at least) average = 28.92km/h [15.61Knots]

10 second run n°1 = 29.75km/h [16.06Knots] (82.6 m. in 10.0 s.)
10 second run n°2 = 29.11km/h [15.72Knots] (80.9 m. in 10.0 s.)
10 second run n°3 = 28.92km/h [15.61Knots] (80.3 m. in 10.0 s.)
10 second run n°4 = 28.46km/h [15.37Knots] (79.1 m. in 10.0 s.)
10 second run n°5 = 28.35km/h [15.31Knots] (78.7 m. in 10.0 s.)

5 best 20 second (at least) average = 28.26km/h [15.26Knots]

20 second run n°1 = 29.16km/h [15.74Knots] (162.0 m. in 20.0 s.)
20 second run n°2 = 28.89km/h [15.6Knots] (160.5 m. in 20.0 s.)
20 second run n°3 = 28.37km/h [15.32Knots] (157.6 m. in 20.0 s.)
20 second run n°4 = 27.89km/h [15.06Knots] (154.9 m. in 20.0 s.)
20 second run n°5 = 26.98km/h [14.57Knots] (149.9 m. in 20.0 s.)

5 best 60 second (at least) average = 25.46km/h [13.75Knots]

60 second run n°1 = 27.44km/h [14.81Knots] (457.3 m. in 60.0 s.)
60 second run n°2 = 25.53km/h [13.78Knots] (425.5 m. in 60.0 s.)
60 second run n°3 = 25.1km/h [13.55Knots] (418.3 m. in 60.0 s.)
60 second run n°4 = 25.09km/h [13.55Knots] (418.2 m. in 60.0 s.)
60 second run n°5 = 24.17km/h [13.05Knots] (402.9 m. in 60.0 s.)

So considering how powered down we were the whole time that is not bad.

I’ve also posted the track to and it can be seen here.