Lymington 1st Paddle of 2019!

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Well we’ve both been feeling dreadful for the last 2 weeks (3 weeks for Lesley) but we were determined to get out and kayak as the weather was pretty mild at 7 degrees compared to yesterday which peaked at 1 degree….

Did a bit of checking over puff as not used him for a while and all good, whacked on the roof bar, loaded him and popped off down to LTSC.

Grey and overcast but very quiet with no-one really about.

Set him up and got ready to go out nice and quickly – we’re still using the front crossbeam from the full sailing rig (which is way too wide) and the mixed test floats.

The plan is to change the floats so they are about the size of the right hand float with a both more V. This is to keep it very light on the water but also retain volume as once the floats are much closer in we will need some extra bouyancy to ensure safety. I’m hoping to make a deployable cantilever system that means we’ll be able to have theflaots in VERY close then with one pull deploy fully them and bring them back in as needed. This will help us get better and make getting off at Christchurch harbour easier for example!

Anyway, we headed out planning to go down into Lymington but saw some dinghies coming back in so headed out instead. Best laid plans etc….

Saw all sorts who were amazingly actually moving as it felt like there was not a whiff of breeze. Carefully avoided them (as I guess we were under power) then we decided to head off left through Pylewell Lake, around the marshes to East Lake and take a look at the abandoned boat by East Lake.

Absolutely lovely.

Struggled some as feeling desperate with raw lungs and no strength or endurance but fantastic to be out.

We rounded the marshes and started heading back and could feel a bit of breeze and as we headed into East Lake to look at the ravaged remains of a sailing boat lying on the marshes. It looks like it has been picked clean and just left there. Can;t believe the tree huggers haven’t had it removed – I guess it will gradually disintegrate over time – that can’t be good?
We headed round past the small point back toward Lymington and blimey! We saw a grey seal head out of the water about 30 metres away looking at us! How cool! Never seen a seal here before.

We slowly headed over and it swam off and resurfaced 50 metres away, then headed out sea, surfacing once more before disappearing.

At this point Lesley saw that the GoPro had stopped. Bollocks. We’ve had a nightmare with this SD card just dying on us – totally hopeless. We’ve got a massive battery pack but the card is useless. Must get another one ready for the new season.

Anyway, we paddled back in and did a final sprint in.

Fantastic first trip of the year!

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Things to do:

  • sand and revarnish main hull
  • fill in some holes – drill them out and epoxy them first though
  • make the folding smaller beams
  • make new floats
  • add some strapping over the decks for storing especially now we have our back pack
  • make a small travel mast and leeboard set for some up wind help that we can store along the side of the boat – use a cut down windsurf mast and sail