Build Project Thoughts

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From our various bits of sailing we (me) have a pretty clear idea of what we want to be able to do, why and how.

However there are several strands to this thought process that we need to try to bring together.

Both me and Lesley like going fast. That is clear! I want to go foiling but avoid hospital time. Lesley wants me to stop being such a twat and enjoy what we have. Which I do. Very much. BUT it could always go a bit faster!

We are both looking for something that has a level of safety from capsize and general crashing that could damage my already somewhat feeble body beyond economic repair.

It needs to be easily stored at our club and be easy enough to launch so we are never put off from wanting to go out. We have a reasonably steep and slippery ramp at LTSC, so nothing too heavy although we do have our prototype SBM – small boat mover seen here.

The ability to take it down and trailer it easily to be able to take it abroad/round the UK would be great. We find the Spitfire a bit cumbersome for easily taking apart – im sure if we try it more we will speed it up.

We always sail together but it would be good to be able to launch and sail single-handed especially as my longer term aim is to be involved in some longer distance solo adventure sailing – certainly around the Isle of Wight as a starting point, hopefully set up some Raid type sailing along the south coast and eventually sail round Britain. One step at a time though cowboy.

This means perhaps the ability to camp/cruise would be great and we’ll need the ability to dry store a reasonable amount of stuff.

Quite how this will manifest itself is yet to be seen, hence the stream of consciousness here to help me focus my wandering mind.

A trimaran is my preferred basic form but it might be that we end up with 2 variations – one simple fast one with foiling capabilities and then a more cruise focused one. One or both of these need to capable of being sailed and launched single handed of course. Perhaps having a swappable central hull could do the job?

It has to look cool as well as go like the clapper so nothing too clunky in the final version.

Helm weight is 75kg and crew is 55kg (but still think she’s fat) but I also have some occasional crew who might be up to 105kg – so a slight variation…

I think that covers it.

Below I am going to compile lots of different craft to get some general comparisons then I will link each to it’s own page showing pictures and vidos where possible and my general thoughts about them including pro’s and cons to help me clearly define my requirements and pull it all together.
Feel free to mention any more you think might be worth looking at.